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MuOnline Server

Your journey into MU starts here!

Offline Trading System Enabled!

¬ News & Announcements 22 June, 2017



We are proud to announce that we have enabled the Offline Trading System in our Season 2 Server

RiseMU is the only Season 2 Server that has Off Trading Feature.

Off-Trade system is a feature to allow players to sell items through personal store without needing to go online

This system will save you a lot of time & effort marketing your items and will surely maximize your profit!


How to use Off Trade System?

1. Login ingame and set your personal store as normal.
2. Open your personal store.
3. Type /offtrade and your client will be disconnected in 5 seconds leaving your character online.


How to disconnect your character using Off-Trade system?

1. Just login to your account ingame.

Please be noted that this feature is only available at Server 6

This feature will be free for 1 month and then PC Points will be required as fee for using off market.

Thank You,
RiseMU Team

RiseMU Updates for 19/06/2017 

¬ News & Announcements 18 June, 2017


Updates for 19/06/2017 :

  • /pcpointstozeny - Exchange PC Points to Zen | Value: 10 PCP = 1mil zen
  • Automated Monster Spawn Event in Atlans & Lost Tower Every Sunday @ 10pm GMT+8
  • Improved Security for Anti Cheat & Speed Movements

Notes: We have worked for a week to get the accurate formula of characters speed movement based on max possible character setup to avoid false detection.

We have successfully integrated this dynamic cheat detection in real time assuring you fair gameplay.


Maintenance Approx 1-2 Hours  :

We will be performing this maintenance update on 19/06/2017 Monday @ 1pm GMT+8

During this maintenance our server will be down for approximately 1 - 2 Hours

Please hang out with us on forums while waiting and to get you updated http://forum.risemu.com



RiseMU Team

RiseMU Updates

¬ News & Announcements 15 June, 2017


Updates for 15-06-2017 :

  • Auth Code for new users will now be created through registration.
  • Mu Helper can now be used from minimum level 10
  • Mu Helper cost reduced to 10k zen every 5 minutes.
  • Vote Reward system has been added to our website and will reward 5 PC Points
  • PC Points will be used for /post /clearpk /exchange to zen & for events registrations.
  • Drop rate increased to 25% for a month!
  • /post fee has been set to zen only on Server 7 & 12 for a month!
  • Gold Fenrir Retail Feature Added - Read More
  • You can now buy & sell items with your personal store using Ecoins! - Read More


Enabled Commands  :

  • /post - Sends message tho whole server | Cost: 1 PC Points | Free until level 50
  • /clearpk - Clears character PK Status | Cost: 50 PC Points
  • /ecoinstozeny - Exchange Ecoins to Zen | Value: 1 Ecoins = 2mil zen
  • /pcpointstozeny - Exchange PC Points to Zen | Value: 10 PCP = 1mil zen



Welcome to RiseMU

¬ News & Announcements 12 June, 2017


Season 2 Classic with S6 Features!



Server & Game Info :

  • Version: Season 2 Core + S6 Special Features
  • Experience: 3x
  • Drop Rate: 20%
  • Max Level: 400
  • Reset: Non Reset Server!
  • Donations: Buffs & Pets Only!
  • Max Item level : +13 | +16 JOL
  • No FO Items | Max 2 Excellent Options!
  • Items: Up to Season 2
  • Heroes: BK | DL | SM | MG | Elf
  • Chaos Goblin Success Rate: Default Retail
  • Jewels Success Rate: Default Retail
  • /post YES - Cost: 1 PC Points | Free until level 50
  • /clearpk YES - Cost: 50 PC Points
  • /ecoinstozeny - Exchange Ecoins to Zen | Value: 1 Ecoins = 2mil zen
  • /pcpointstozeny - Exchange PC Points to Zen | Value: 10 PCP = 1mil zen
  • Server 6 : NON PVP

* Server 6 Devias Map Monitary for Personal Store - Ecoins
* Type /authecoins "10 digit master key" to start selling/buying using personal store via ecoins.

  • Server 7: NON PVP
  • Server 12: PVP
  • International Server


Events :

  • Blood Castle
  • Devil Square
  • Golden Archer
  • Golden Invasion
  • Dungeon Race (Automated)
  • Last Man Standing (Automated)
  • Jewel Bets (System Managed)
  • Kanturu
  • CryWolf
  • Weeky Castle Siege


Special Features From Other Season :

  • Expanded Vault
  • Expanded Inventory
  • Jewel Mix (New Jewels Packing)
  • MU Helper - Starting Level 10


Exclusive Unique Features :

  • 4 Digit Pin Lock. ( Encoded by Mouse Click )
  • Character Trade Logs.
  • Character Personal Store Log.
  • Advanced MuGuard AntiCheat System.
  • Masterkey System for Pilots.
  • Asst. Guild Master can accept & kick members in guild.



RiseMU is your total Mu Online Classic experience with the best select features of advance seasons! This Server is born out of passion, dedication & love to the game. A lot of time and countless effort was put to this server to make sure that we bring out the best!

Our goal is to bring back the true spirit of Mu Online combined with the perfect game play, features and experience that the old days never had... It’s truly a classic feeling with lots of fixes, features & add-ons, A unique classic server that will give you ultimate experience in Mu Online!

This Specially Coded Mu Online Classic will totally give you the BLAST FROM THE PAST! We guarantee total fun, diversity, unique experience and great community!

RiseMU is International Server, We welcome every player from any nation!


Some news
¬ News & Announcements 4 May, 2017