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Castle Owner
Castle Siege Battle Starts In
0d 19h 43m 24s
Top Characters
1. MaNiNiYuT 400 lvl
2. GranMaster 400 lvl
3. JEFF 400 lvl
4. Myrish 400 lvl
5. OvErDrIvE 400 lvl
Guild Rankings
1. OLYMPUS 5,996 pts
2. VETERAN 3,666 pts
3. Rise 2,538 pts
4. REVENGE 2,443 pts
5. HiDeOuT 2,405 pts
Member Area
Auth Code
Events Time
Golden Dragon
Server 6
112 min(s).
Server 7
232 min(s).
Server 12
-7 min(s).
White Wizard
Server 6
114 min(s).
Server 7
234 min(s).
Server 12
-5 min(s).
Blood Castle
Server 6
4 min(s).
Server 7
4 min(s).
Server 12
4 min(s).
Devil Square
Server 6
99 min(s).
Server 7
99 min(s).
Server 12
99 min(s).
Chaos Castle
Server 6
9 min(s).
Server 7
9 min(s).
Server 12
9 min(s).
Castle Siege
Guild Owner: HiDeOuT
Guild Master: MaNiNiYuT
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MuOnline Server

Your journey into MU starts here!
Upcoming Update & Maintenance
¬ News & Announcements 12 August, 2017

Here are the upcoming updates for 14/08/2017

Assistant Guild Master Can now use Lord Mix
Assistant Guild Master can now Upgrade/Repair Castle Siege Gates Summon Guards and other Castle Functions
Fixed Long time problem of when Server Crashed there is always 5 seconds unsaved data!

The Update & Maintenance will take place on August 13, 2017 1pm GMT+8

During our maintenance our game server and other services will be temporary offline for approximately 1 Hour.

Thank You,
RiseMU Team
Devil Square Fixed!
¬ News & Announcements 5 August, 2017

We are glad to announce that Devil Square 6 has been fixed and ready to use in game.

Thank You,
RiseMU Team.
Double Exp Weekend Marathon!
¬ News & Announcements 22 July, 2017

This Weekend Saturday & Sunday (22/07/2017 to 23/07/2017) our Experience rate will be doubled!

Spread the good news!

Happy Grinding!
RiseMU Auto Reconnect Feature!
¬ News & Announcements 5 July, 2017
Updates 05/07/2017: 

1. Unique Auto Reconnect Feature added to Server!

* When you get disconnected with no more than 5 minutes, your game client will auto reconnect to our server.

- Party Auto Reconnect

* While you are on party and gets disconnected our system will auto reconnect you and you will be restored back to the party

- Mu Helper Reconnect

* Our Auto Reconnect feature will turn on the MuHelper and with your current settings after reconnect.

- Personal Store Reconnect

* Our Auto Reconnect feature open up your personal store even after DC same settings like how you left your store.

2. Server Events Timer now enabled on website.

* Blood Caste
* Devil Square
* Golden Invasion
* Chaos Castle
* White Wizard

3. Mu Helper Price - Permanent Fixed Price = 10k Zen per 5 minutes.

4. Donation for Ecoins on Peso is now 1PHP = 1 Ecoin, Dollar to Ecoin Exchange rate remains the same.

* 1 PHP = 1 Ecoin
* 1$USD = 40 Ecoin

Thank You,
RiseMU Team
Lorencia Special PVP Ring
¬ News & Announcements 30 June, 2017

We are happy to announce that we have added PVP Ring & Pit in Lorencia PVP Server (Server 12)

This specially designed PVP Map is only applied to PVP Server (Server 12) When you go to NON PVP Servers you will see the normal Lorencia, Another Unique feature brought to you by RiseMU!

You will now have comfortable room for PVP and events play for our PK Events!

Best Regards,
RiseMU Team
Offline Trading System Enabled!
¬ News & Announcements 22 June, 2017


We are proud to announce that we have enabled the Offline Trading System in our Season 2 Server

RiseMU is the only Season 2 Server that has Off Trading Feature.

Off-Trade system is a feature to allow players to sell items through personal store without needing to go online

This system will save you a lot of time & effort marketing your items and will surely maximize your profit!


How to use Off Trade System?

1. Login ingame and set your personal store as normal.
2. Open your personal store.
3. Type /offtrade and your client will be disconnected in 5 seconds leaving your character online.


How to disconnect your character using Off-Trade system?

1. Just login to your account ingame.

Please be noted that this feature is only available at Server 6

This feature will be free for 1 month and then PC Points will be required as fee for using off market.

Thank You,
RiseMU Team