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Castle Siege Battle Starts In
3d 17h 59m 13s
Top Characters
1. MaNiNiYuT 400 lvl
2. No1PK 400 lvl
3. GranMaster 400 lvl
4. Sadista 400 lvl
5. Du30 400 lvl
Guild Rankings
1. OLYMPUS 5,996 pts
2. Rise 2,538 pts
3. REVENGE 2,443 pts
4. HiDeOuT 2,410 pts
5. ETERNAL 2,060 pts
Member Area
Auth Code
Events Time
Golden Dragon
Server 6
8 min(s).
Server 7
128 min(s).
Server 12
-111 min(s).
White Wizard
Server 6
10 min(s).
Server 7
130 min(s).
Server 12
-109 min(s).
Blood Castle
Server 6
21 min(s).
Server 7
21 min(s).
Server 12
21 min(s).
Devil Square
Server 6
Server 7
Server 12
Chaos Castle
Server 6
26 min(s).
Server 7
26 min(s).
Server 12
26 min(s).
Castle Siege
Guild Owner: HiDeOuT
Guild Master: MaNiNiYuT
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MuOnline Server

Your journey into MU starts here!
Valley of Loren & Crywolf Warp + Double Exp & ML Exp Event!
¬ News & Announcements 2 April, 2018

You can now warp by traveling through Lorencia or using M warp command to Valley of Loren & Cry wolf and be able to complete 3rd Quest.

We are also having double exp event for entire 1 Week!

Exp: 10x! From 5x
ML: 6x! From 3x

Grind now to your 3rd Mastery Character Class!

Server Content Update Hybrid Season 6!
¬ News & Announcements 13 March, 2018

RiseMU will have content major update this week, As you all know this is a classic server and therefor there is not much content compare to advanced season and im sure most players here already reached their end game like farming their best gear etc or whatnot and now everyone is on hibernate and doesnt have the desire or fire to go in game and farm more or simply everyone is already at maxed.

So what we have come up is to update content, we will be updating RiseMU with Season 6 contents but with still some twist and we will make sure your items value will not decay as we will not yet release socket systems just regular ancients and new non socketed sets and weapons up to season 6. This upgrade will also not include Summoner & RF. For now we do not plan to release these 2 heroes yet but maybe in long future we are not closing any doors here.

What can you expect on this Season 6 content update?

  • New Sets
  • New Ancient Sets
  • New Weapons
  • Master Skill Tree System (3x exp)
  • New Skills
  • New Mobs & Hunting Grounds
  • New Bosses & Raids
  • 3rd Level Wing
  • Max Item Level upto +15
  • Improved GUI
  • New Events
  • New Loot Boxes

As you can see we will have handful of new content and as our server is low drop rate this means you will have a lot to look forward in your time grinding on ML while farming for new gears!

Again at the moment we are not releasing any socketed items yet we will gradually release these items as we move forward, also just to make clear that Summoners & Rage Righter will still not be part of game, this is Season 2 + S6 Hybrid.

Please stay tuned for more updates & Spread the Good News!

RiseMU to Rise Again!

Server Maintenance Nov 29 10AM GMT+8
¬ News & Announcements 29 November, 2017

Our Server will under go Maintenance today Nov 29 @ 10AM GMT+8

Server Estimated Downtime : 1 Hour

Thank You
Boss Raid Info & Drop Table
¬ News & Announcements 17 November, 2017

Boss are now Categorized & Organized :

Main Boss:

  • Kundun (Spawn Every 12 Hours | Kalima & Land of Trials)
  • Erohim (Spawn Every 12 Hours | Kanturu Island & Land of Trials)

High Grade Boss:

  • Hell Maine (Spawn Every 12 Hours | Aida, Kanturu Islands & Land of Trials)
  • Death Beam Knight (Spawn Every 12 Hours | Tarkan, Kanturu Islands & Land of Trials)

Mid Grade Boss:

  • Hydra (Spawn Every 12 Hours | Atlans)
  • Zaikan (Spawn Every 12 Hours | Tarkan)
  • Phoenix (Spawn Every 12 Hours | Icarus)

Low Grade Boss:

  • Balrog (Spawn Every 3 Hours | Lost Tower)
  • Witch Queen (Spawn Every 3 Hours | Aida)
  • Ice Queen (Spawn Every 3 Hours | Devias)


Drop Table Info:

Main Boss: 4 Million HP | Max level Damage | Max Level Defense | Recommended Raid 400 Level Characters

  • Kundun Boss = Ancient Items, 380 Items & Last S2 Exe Items.

* All Ancient Items
* All 380 Items Non Excellent
* Ascrow Set Exe
* Eclipse Set Exe
* Iris Set Exe
* Glorious Set Exe
* Valliant Set Exe
* Platina Wing Staff Exe
* Sword Dancer Exe
* Shining Scepter Exe
* Albatross Bow Exe

Drop Rate Ancient : 25%
Drop Rate 380 Item : 25%
Drop Rate S2 Excellent : 25%

  • Erohim Boss = 380 Items & Last S2 Exe Items.

* All 380 Items Non Excellent
* Ascrow Set Exe
* Eclipse Set Exe
* Iris Set Exe
* Glorious Set Exe
* Valliant Set Exe
* DayBreaker
* Platina Wing Staff Exe
* Sword Dancer Exe
* Shining Scepter Exe
* Albatross Bow Exe

Drop Rate 380 Item : 25%
Drop Rate S2 Excellent : 25%


High Grade Boss: HP 3 Million | High Level Damage | High Level Defense | Recommended Raid Level 350 & Above Character

Chaos Box Drops from High Grade Boss

  • Purple Chaos Box = 70%
  • Red Chaos Box = 50%

Chance of Excellent Item from Chaos Box = 75%


Mid Grade Boss: HP 2 Million | Mid Level Damage | Mid Level Defense | Recommended Raid Level 250 & Above Character

Chaos Box Drops from High Grade Boss

  • Green Chaos Box = 75%
  • Purple Chaos Box = 50%
  • Red Chaos Box = 25%

Chance of Excellent Item from Chaos Box = 75%


Low Grade Boss: HP 200K | Low Level Damage | Low Level Defense | Recommended Raid Level 100 & Above Character

* Jewel of Soul = 25% Drop
* Jewel of Bless = 25% Drop
* Jewel of Chaos = 25% Drop
* Jewel of Life = 25% Drop
* Green Chaos Box = 5% Drop

Chance of Excellent Item from Chaos Box = 75%


Chaos Box Drop Info

  • Red Chaos Box

* Great Dragon Set
* Dark Soul Set
* Hurricane Set
* Red Spirit Set
* Dark Master Set
* Dark Phoenix Set
* Knight Blade
* Great Reign Crossbow
* Ceslestial Bow
* Great Lord Scepter
* Staff of Kundun
* Dark Reign Blade
* Sword of Destruction
* Chaos Shield
* Grand Soul Shield
* Elemental Shield

  • Purple Chaos Box

* Black Dragon Set
* Divine Set
* Grand Soul Set
* Dark Master Set
* Thunder Hawk Set
* Dark Steel Set
* Guardian Set
* Crystal Soul Staff
* Saint Crossbow
* Lord Scepter
* Great Scepter
* Rune Blade
* Giant Sword
* Dragon Slayer Shield
* Bronze Shield
* Serpent Shield

  • Green Chaos Box

* All Low items lower than Mid Grade *


Marry System Has Been Activated

You can trace your husband / wife with this function

Priest Devin Must be in Devias 2 Church to start Wedding



Priest Devil will appear every 4 hours at Devias 2 Church.

Please visit our FORUM for Complete Details & Discussion

Thank You,
RiseMU Team
Updates & Boss Raid Loot
¬ News & Announcements 15 November, 2017

We have made some major update on our drop table and initiative on more items should circulate the market & economy.

RiseMU has been running for more than 6 months and as we evaluate the items, market & farming = reward we feel that we have to losen up a bit with items and make it feel rewarding doing farms & boss raids.

With these changes we should see more items moving in market, more excellent items will be viable for use and not just everyone would be fixated with ancient items.

We have enabled Chaos Box Drop & these box drops from boss raids
  • Hydra - Atlans
  • Zaikan - Tarkan 2 & 3
  • Phoenix - Icarus
  • Hell Maine - Aida

* Each map will spawn 4 boss every 12 hours.

Drops of Boxes:
  • Green Chaos Box - Low Grade Excellent Items ( 75% Drop Rate from Boss )
  • Purple Chaos Box - Mid Grade Excellent Items( 50% Drop Rate from Boss )
  • Red Chaos Box - High Grade Excellent Items( 25% Drop Rate from Boss )

Chance of Excellent Item Drop From Box:

  • Green Chaos Box = 90%
  • Purple Chaos Box = 80%
  • Red Chaos Box = 70%

We have also added newbie spots in

* Lorencia
* Noria

Improved Mob Density in :

* Losttower 7
* Devias

Thank You,
RiseMU Team
Gold Server & VIP Account Update
¬ News & Announcements 31 October, 2017

We would like to introduce you our Gold Server, VIP Account & Off Level System

What are the advantage of being VIP Account Status?
  •     +20% Exp Rate - 20% Exp Gain From Mob ( Applies to All Server When Subscribed )
  •     +20% Drop Rate On Jewel Drop Rate ( Applies to All Server When Subscribed )
  •     +20% Drop Rate on Excellent Items ( Applies to All Server When Subscribed )
  •     +5% Chaos Goblin Rate ( Applies to All Server When Subscribed )

What is Gold Server?
  • Exclusive Gold Server VIP Users Only Allowed to Enter. ( Can be used in Gold Server only )
  • Free use of Mu Helper, No Zen Required! ( Can be used in Gold Server only )
  • Free use of /post - Global Post ( Can be used in Gold Server only )
  • Ability to use /offlevel System ( Can be used in Gold Server only )

What is Off Level System?

Off Level system is a mechanism where your character will kill monsters, gain experience, loot items/zeny, repair equipments

use hp/mana pots and other things an MU Helper can do WITH YOUR CLIENT CLOSED.

The main difference with MU Helper is helper requires your client to be running while this system does not,

with helper the client is the one sending commands to server so it is still prone to lags and dc or it is simply dependent on your

internet stability while the off level system is not.

How to use this system?

1. Subscribe your account to VIP Status
* Use Paypal Auto Subscription - Login on Website & Click Ecoin Donation then Click VIP Banner
* Local Agent Donations - How to Send Money via Agent
2. Login to Gold server & Buy Off Level Ticket from Cash Shop.
3. Set your MU Helper configurations, the settings you apply here will be used by Off Level System
4. If you want to offlevel with party then set the party first.
5. Go to your leveling spot.
6. Type the command /offlevel, if successful your client will be disconnected and your character will remain online leveling.


Important Notes:
  •     You will need Off Level Ticket to use this feature.
  •      Each Off Level Ticket is 1 time use.
  •      When your character dies it will be disconnected.
  •      If you want to disconnect your offlevel character then simply login to Gold server twice.
  •      When you disconnect your off level character you will lose off level status.
  •      Off Level Ticket are non Refundable & Exchangable
  •      Off Level Ticket costs 100 Ecoins.
  •      You can play @ Gold Server with or Without Off Level Ticket

For more information please visit our FORUM

Thank You,
RiseMU Team
RiseMU October Major Updates!
¬ News & Announcements 1 October, 2017
Free Seal of Wealth for New Accounts!
¬ News & Announcements 30 August, 2017

As your starting bonus when you start RiseMU, We will be giving free Seal of Wealth to all new registered accounts!

Simply Register on our website, Create your character then press X to open cash shop and claim your free 1 week Seal of Wealth!

Have Fun!